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Although I was 16, I wasn’t expecting it at all. My older brother was 18 and had watched me after school ever since I could remember. Our days were always the same. We’d come in from school, he’d fix us something to eat and then it was homework time until our parents came home. We were a close family, but poor and my brother and I shared a bedroom. I learned how to jack off watching him at night. He didn’t know I’d seen him, but once I tried it on my own in the bathroom, I couldn’t get enough. I hated the nights when our cousin, the same age as my brother, would spend the night. I’d be in our bedroom alone then, as they always stayed up and slept in the living room.

But it was just one night that told me everything I’d ever need to know about my older brother.

I sneaked down the hall one night when I heard the TV go off and listened to them talk. Our cousin was talking about girls and their tits and other things and said that a girl can give a great blowjob.

I’d never heard of the word, but when I heard my cousin’s next words, I knew I was about to find out.

"But no girl can give a better blow job than you, Samwel."

We were of Mexican descent and my brother had a big Hispanic cock and I was beginning to get the same. From the light of the fireplace I could see them and was amazed to see our cousin’s cock was even bigger, even though he was the same age as my brother.

I was even more amazed as I watched my brother lower his head to our cousin’s waiting cock and slip all of it into his mouth. I never knew such a thing was possible and now I was seeing it live. My own cock got instantly hard, but being 16 it was always hard anyway. Since my adolescence I’ve had other guys suck my cock and say that Mexican’s have more nerve endings in their cock, because we’re so horny all the time and like sex better than just a regular white man. All my life I’ve loved lots of sex and the only person I’ve known that could keep up with me was my brother and even he wore me out, as I will tell in this story. I was amazed watching our cousin lay flat with his legs spread wide, rolling his head back and forth, loving every minute my brother’s mouth slid up and down his big cock. I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to take mine out and jack off as I watched them.

Our cousin had a great body and I could tell how much he was enjoying my brother’s sucking mouth by the muscles on his stomach and how he’d moan now and then.

Only toward the beginning of my orgasm did I begin to wonder what it would be like to have my brother suck my cock.

I kept as quiet as I could as the most intense orgasm hit me. I never took my eyes off of them; just let the carpet beneath me soak up my heavy load. Something else happened. I didn’t stop jerking, just kept pulling my skin back and forth as I watched them, absolutely amazed.

My cousin kept pushing my brother’s head off of his cock and my brother would go to his balls and suck and lick them, but before too long my brother would be standing that big cock up and impaling his mouth onto the full length again, only for our cousin to moan deep in his throat.

I thought I’d pass out when I saw his body tense all over and my brother go all the way down on his big cock and stay there. By the rhythmic pulse of his tensing muscles in his stomach I could tell he was cumming and it made me cum again.

I had seen my brother’s hard cock many times as he jacked off when he thought I was asleep and couldn’t wait to see our cousin suck his cock, but my hand fell away from my own cock as I watched my brother get to his knees and start jerking his cock and then shoot his load all over our cousins cock, then go down, lick up his cum and by the time he was done our cousin was hard again and my brother began sucking him off again.

I don’t know how many times my brother sucked our cousin off that night. I couldn’t see what they were doing unless I was standing and my legs got tired after several hours standing there pulling my own cock. I know our cousin came 5 times while I was watching and I came 8 and my brother 5 also, but I finally had to go lay down. I jacked off twice more laying in bed thinking about them in the living room, my cousins big cock down my brother’s throat.

The next day I had to act like nothing happened, they could never know that I was watching them. They disappeared mid afternoon and I wondered where they’d gotten off to, but when I realized they must have gone off for my brother to suck his big cock again, I had to rush to the bathroom to pump out my own load. The thought just turned me on to no end.

That night as I watched him jack himself off in his bed, I wondered if he was thinking about our cousin’s cock. As I stifled my own moans of pleasure I knew that’s exactly what he was doing.

The next day when we got home from school, we ate and went to our room to do our homework, as was our daily ritual. But as I sat on the side of my bed reading over the material, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw my brother doing to my cousin. Not once the whole time did our cousin suck his cock; my brother was always the one doing the sucking. I had heard the kids at school talking about cocksuckers and such, but never thought I’d know one, much less be related to one. Then suddenly I got a thought. If my brother liked sucking cock so much, why couldn’t he suck mine? I had a very respectable cock, but still smaller than our cousins, so I knew he could get every inch of my cock into his mouth and down his throat.

The thought made my cock get rock hard in an instant. I tried to burry my head in my schoolwork as I lay back on the bed. I needed to get my mind off of this so I could get my homework done.

Then I felt it. It was such a shock to me I just kept my school book in front of my face because I couldn’t look at him. But I knew it was him. His big hot hand was rubbing up and down my hard cock.

His words broke the quiet, “I heard you in the hall Saturday night. I know you were watching us. Want me to do the same for you?”

I didn’t answer him, I just layed there. What was I gonna say? When I felt him lower my shorts and hook the band under my balls and my hard cock stick up into the air, I knew what was to come and scenes of him sucking up and down our cousins cock came to my head.

When I felt his hot, wet mouth surround the head of my cock, I thought I’d scream out. When he sucked at just the tip and pulled the skin of my shaft until the head of my cock was exposed to his slippery tongue, I shot right away. The feeling was amazing and unlike anything I ever thought it would be. No wonder why our cousin laid there and let him suck him over and over.

My brother swallowed down every bit of my cum and I found myself wanting more when the cum was over. I didn’t have to wait for long. My brother lowered and began sucking my balls. That too was an amazing feeling and one I’d never thought of. The feeling of his hot mouth on my balls was great and I could feel my cock throb in response. Soon he was back on my cock, this time sucking up and down the hard shaft. I would later learn he’d done it on purpose, but only those of you that are uncut know what I’m talking about when I tell you he went down about 3/4 of my shaft, then locked his lips at that point and then used his lips to pull my skin down over my cock head as it was entering his throat. It was absolutely indescribable. If you’ve never had it done, you can’t understand the joy of feeling your skin covered cock being sucked by a hot mouth, only to have the skin begin to be pulled back just as you’re nearing the tightest part of the mouth, then once it’s uncovered, feeling it slip into that sucking throat. Then you felt it in reverse. As your cock head came out of that hot, tight place, it became covered by your skin again and you felt those amazing lips slip back up over your cock again, to the tip. The ride of ecstasy was unexplainable and I never wanted it to end. After only about 5 trips up and down my cock like that I came again and right into his throat as he squeezed my cock head with his throat, over and over and I couldn’t help but scream out my pleasure.

Then he pulled off and stood up over me. I could see his face as he jerked his own cock and he came all over my cock and balls. Feeling his cum shoot all over me and then lick it up made me hard all over again and he sucked me until I shot again in his mouth.

The only reason he stopped was our parents would be home soon, but promised to pick up where we left off after lights out that evening. And did he ever. When our Father had come in to say good night and turn off our lights, he waited until we heard him shut their door and he came over to me, pulled back my covers, pulled down my pajamas and began sucking me with that amazing mouth of his. I never spent a night of absolute pleasure in my life as I did that night. He just kept sucking and sucking my cock, stopping now and then to stand and cum all over me, only to suck at my cock some more and I came and came, loving every minute of it.

The next day my cock was really sore, but kept getting hard at school. I found myself wanting to go into the bathroom and jack off as I often did, but wanted to wait until we got home to see if he’d do the same thing. It was all I could do to wait that last hour. All I could think about as I watched the clock was when I got home my brother was going to take my hard cock into his mouth and suck me over and over until I came again and again. The thought about made me cum in my pants a time or two.

When we got home he fixed us something to eat and I sat there nervously looking down at my food.

Then he tried to talk about it. “Hey…you sure you’re okay with what we did yesterday?”

All of a sudden I got mad at him. “Don’t fucking talk about it. If you want to do it, then go ahead, but don’t ever talk about it!”

Then I left for our room and got my books and began reading. My anger had made me forget about my cock, but as I heard him coming down the hall my cock got rock hard. He did as I had told him. He didn’t talk about it, only pulled down my band and hooked it under my balls and began sucking my cock . What I remember from those days was I always came really quickly the first two times, even if it had only been 3-4 hours between suckings. We’d even begun skipping our after school snack to go directly to our ‘studies’ and then stop right before our parents got home and then he’d resume when lights were out. Sometimes he’d suck me for hours and I never grew tired of it. I could have stayed with him on my cock all day and night if our parents hadn’t been around.

One weekend they weren’t and that’s exactly where he stayed, even when I went into watch TV. Not that I ever got bored with him sucking my cock, but after you cum ten times in a row you want to look at something more than the ceiling of your room. I found myself watching shows with really beautiful women in them and thinking it was them sucking my cock.

Then one weekend when my parents were away my brother got ahold of a porn movie and I can’t tell you how amazing that felt sitting in our Father’s easy chair, watching my first porn while my brother was between my legs sucking on my big cock. I never came so hard in my life.

When I was 17 I heard a bunch of guys after football practice talking about the cocksuckers at the bathroom at the local park. I started to get images of all these guys standing around getting their cock sucked by other men and the thought made me rush home and stick my hard cock into my brother’s mouth. I came hard and fast that day and when I told him what I’d heard he said he’d have to check it out.

I didn’t expect it to be a relief. For the last two years my brother had, for the most part, been sucking my cock for hours at a time, sometimes 4-5 hours and on the weekends when our parents weren’t home there wasn’t a time when my cock wasn’t in his mouth, even when we slept. Now, don’t get me wrong, I never tired of him sucking my cock, but my cock was getting sore from him continually being between my legs. At school when my cock would get hard, it would hurt and it had been that way for over a year now. But I couldn’t say no to his great sucking, so he knew to be easy with me at first when we got home because my cock was so sensitive from the night before.

But when he went into that bathroom and didn’t come out, I knew what the guys at practice had been saying was true and I could picture my brother in that bathroom sucking lotsa cock. We had gone there right after practice and I hid behind a tree where I could see the entrance to the bathroom and was amazing to see the very guys that joked about what went on in that bathroom to go there one by one. I wondered if it was my brother that was sucking them off. So after the second one came out I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to go see for myself.

The bathroom was like any other public bathroom, but the stalls had gloryholes between them. I’d never heard of such a thing and when I went into a stall I saw the hole and saw that my brother was sitting in the center stall. He smiled to me and told me to come around to his stall. He unlocked the door and I came in. He saw my hard cock and quickly took it out and sucked me better than he’d ever sucked me before. I remember hanging onto the tops of the dividers as my orgasm shot thru my body. Damn it was good! I asked him about the two teammates that had just been in and he said that they’d come into one of the booths and he sucked them thru the hole.

I had to see this. So I took place in the stall next to him so I could look thru the hole and before too long the door opened to the bathroom. The guy came into the far stall (there were only 3) and I could see thru the hole in my partition, beyond my brother to the other hole and could see the guy had his cock out and was hard. Before long my brother put his finger to the hole and the other guy stuck his cock in. My brother fell to his knees and began sucking his cock and I could hear the guy moan and knew by his voice that he was a teenager. My brother sucked him for a few minutes then pulled back and looked at me. The guys cock was sticking thru the hole and was red and rock hard.

"Hey. I can’t get to your cock good enough thru this damn hole. How about cumming over here?"

The guy didn’t hesitate until he pushed back the door to where my brother was waiting.

"Whoa man…I didn’t expect you to be here." The guy recognized my brother.

"What difference does it make, I was sucking your cock just a second ago. If you don’t tell I won’t."

That seemed to be good enough for the guy and he stepped up and pulled his cock out. Once the moans resumed I sneaked a look thru the hole in my wall and thought I’d pass out. It was the captain of our football team and he had his cock stuck in my brother’s mouth, fucking his lips a little, his head thrown back in absolute ecstasy.

When I heard him start to moan and shake, I knew he was gonna cum and I was amazed to see I could see his cock jolt and pump his cum into my brother’s throat! The whole scene turn me on like none other and as soon as he was zipped up and out the door I pushed my cock thru the hole in my wall and loved feeling my brother suck up and down on my cock until I came again. It was another intense orgasm and as he slipped off my cock, I knew I could do this all day.

No sooner was he done than someone else came into the bathroom and into the stall next to him. I sat and watched him suck off twenty guys like that. Some would come into the booth with him, but a couple wouldn’t. All of the guys that would come into the booth were all guys I knew from school and the thought really turned me on. For the first few times when he was done sucking the guy and he left, I’d push my cock thru the hole and he’d suck me to another amazing orgasm. It was absolute heaven. It was such a fucking turn on to watch him suck all these hot jocks from our school and watch them shoot their load in his mouth. I couldn’t stand it and was quick to get my cock thru that hole while I held onto the top of the partition and enjoyed his sucking mouth and came really hard every time!

When we got home our parents where home and my brother made some excuse about being kept after class and we went straight up to our room to do out ‘studies’ and he sucked me for about an hour and a half and I came at least 4 times. All I could think about were all those hard cocks needing to be sucked and my brother sucking down all there cum.

We continued that practice for quite a long time. I was amazed that all those guys from school kept their mouth shut, but then again they never knew it was me in the other booth and they were getting their cock sucked by a first rate cock sucker, so why should they tell? I often wondered how many of them saw each other come out of that bathroom. They were bound to have seen each other at one time or the other.

I stopped staying and watching when the fascination wore off for me. My grades began to suffer and I had to catch up on class work before I could think about all those cocks. Besides, my brother telling me how many cocks he had sucked did the same thing for me as watching them, so I’d wait for him to come home, he’d open the door with me on the side of the bed, no clothes on and he’d simply say a number before he took my hard cock into his mouth.

"Nine", Then I’d feel his hot mouth close around my cock and I would see nine cocks pumping there cum into his mouth.

"Fifteen", I’d cum extra hard on those days.

I don’t know if it was my age, or if having him there all the time to suck my cock made me want it less and less, but as I turned 18 2-3 times a day was plenty for me and he was spending all his time at the bathroom. We’d come home, he’d suck me and then head down to the bathroom and he wouldn’t even come home until bedtime.

I’d be laying there waiting for him, with my hard cock and he’d tell me 27 or 35 and then suck me to two or three orgasms or until I told I told him to stop and then crawl into bed.

Then his need for cock caught up to him and our Father would start asking me questions. I was able to play dumb and sneak out of the house to run down to the park to get him. I was amazed at what I saw. There’d be a dozen guys, ages 16 to 60 standing around waiting to get into one of the side booths.

I just froze and looked at them and called his name, telling him that Father was looking for him. I heard someone moan really loudly not too long after that and he came out wiping his chin. You could tell the other guys were disappointed as we left.

I climbed back into our bedroom and he made up some story to our Father, then he came up and sucked my cock for an hour. It had been quite a long time since he’d done it for that long and it was nice to feel his hot sucking mouth on me for so long.

From that point on my brother would go down to the park and stay until I’d go and get him right before dinner and then spend the rest of the evening with the family watching TV, stealing looks at my crotch. I could tell his cock was always hard.

Then when we were in bed after lights out he’d suck my cock for hours. When I finally told him that it made my cock hurt for him to suck me so long he’d suck me for two orgasms and then climb out our window and go down to the park. Sometimes I’d feel him pull the blankets off of me when he came in at very early hours of the morning, and pull down my underwear. He’d whisper the number of cocks he’d sucked right before slipping my cock into his mouth.

Before the sun would come up, my brother would wear me out!

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